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Neuromuscular Associates

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“After many unsuccessful rounds of physical therapy for jaw pain (TMJ) and neck pain, Joe has helped me with the chronic pain related to these problems.  I am very grateful to have a massage therapist so well trained.” – Debbie Evans

“Joe is a consummate professional who is attentive to identifying my needs as a runner.  He finds spots that I didn’t even know were bothering me, which allows me to perform at a higher level with fewer injuries. The investment is worth every penny. Some women have a cleaning lady, I have Joe.” – Lori Adams, Assistant Editor Runner’s World Magazine

“I struggled for years to find resources to help me reduce my chronic low back pain, muscle stiffness, and joint pain.  I’ve learned that in order to keep my level of pain at a minimum it takes a combination of prevention and treatment.  Joe helps with both the prevention and treatment.  He has coached me in a proper stretching routine that helps to reduce and often prevent my pain.  His style of massage helps to treat my chronic pain and gives me lasting results that I did not experience with other Massage Therapists.  Joe’s advanced training has allowed him to provide a very holistic massage service to his clients, and I believe greatly improving their lives and overall health.” – Michelle T.

“I’ve been a client of Joe for over ten years. His extensive knowledge of the body in combination with his masterful technique continues to give me longevity in the sport.” – Rich Adams, Ironman World Championship Finisher 1982, 1983, 2005, 2009

“Joe is a massage genius extraordinaire. He is like a skilled mechanic working on a 1920 Model-T and somehow able to keep it running.” –  Mark Will-Weber

I suffered a work related injury in 2001.  Joe has been providing Neuromuscular Massage Therapy to me since 2003.  The only relief I have found has been Neuromuscular Massage.  I tried surgery, physical therapy, and numerous other procedures for my neck, back, and shoulder which left me in tremendous pain.  Joe’s Neuromuscular Massage has been the best solution for my pain.” – Kim Schaffer

“I’m a lifelong runner and started seeing Joe about 2 years ago for various running-related injuries.  I’d get injured, go see Joe, he’d cure me, I’d stop seeing him, then I’d get injured again.  Eventually I discovered that if I see Joe once a week, my number of injuries greatly reduced.  So far, so good!  It’s been months and I’m feeling great.  I’m convinced that Joe is one of my keys to staying healthy, along with smart training, good nutrition, and proper recovery.” – Adam Bean